The First Fairy Tale AR Puzzle Goes Worldwide This Christmas

Red Riding Hood

‘Red Riding Hood’ Combines Physical Interaction with Digital Entertainment


The first children’s puzzle with Augmented Reality “Red Riding Hood” is going worldwide just in time for Christmas, the creators from Duard announced today. The puzzle is already on the verge of conquering the English market with many interested bookshops owners on the Island.

“As a parent myself I wanted to create a product that I can proudly give to my own child,” says Emil Tsvetkov, a founding member of Duard. “I am happy that the end result achieved this goal and that it made hundreds Bulgarian kids happy already.”

Girl plays Duard's gameThanks to the recent peak of popularity of the augmented reality technology, mainly because of Pokemon GO, many foreign investors have shown interest in the product in recent months.

“We believe that for many people this will be a completely accessible way for the first meeting with the added reality,” concludes the founder of Duard.

The “Red Riding Hood” is an innovative product that combines a traditional puzzle with AR technology. The puzzle consists of 64 elements and after it’s been completed it can be scanned with an Android/iOS app. Seen through the app, the puzzle comes to lige in the form of a 3D hologram and transforms into a game (video). More information about the puzzle with augmented reality can be found on the company’s website

Mother plays Red Riding Hood with son

Augmented reality or AR is an innovative technology that interacts between the real world and digital content. Thus computer-generated objects can be seen in the real world. AR technology is gaining more and more popularity and finds more and more applications in the world around us.