Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative, tried and true instrument in the development of any business.

Virtual Reality & 360° Videos

Our videos are optimized for every type of platform and browser - presently, no other VR video software offers the same kind of coverage.

3D Visualizations

Quick, precise development of complex 3D objects and scenes, with a wide range of use cases.


Consultation and assistance in organizing thrilling events to entertain your community and attract new eyes.


Product coverage in a number of popular websites with a guaranteed 200 000 views per submission.

Social Media

Active maintenance of your online pages and channels with dynamic, interactive content.

Meet the team

Victoria Victorova


Nora Predeva


Dimitar Ivanov

Software Guru

Stefan Arhangelov

Marketing Expert

Georgi Andonov


Borislav Belev



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