Our Services

We can assist you in developing and maintaining an active online presence with a personal touch in order to expand your community and promote your product.

Social Media

Active maintenance of your online pages and channels with dynamic, interactive content.


Product coverage in a number of popular websites with a guaranteed 200 000 views per submission.


Consultation and assistance in organizing thrilling events to entertain your community and attract new eyes.


Your community is safe and cared for in our hands - be it via email, Google Play, App Store or any other platform.


Your site deserves the best content and we're ready to satisfy even the most pedantic of visitors.


We'll devise interesting scenarios for your video, develop an eye-catching page and advise you on the latest in crowdfunding campaigns!

Our Team

Press Start runs on a solid foundation of professionals with varying specialties and similar interests.
Victoria Victorova, CEO
Victoria Victorova, CEO
Passionate gamer with a decade of experience in media and marketing.
Stefan Arhangelov
Stefan Arhangelov
Bachelor of Marketing. Loves cars and video games with cars.
Nora Predeva
Nora Predeva
Disciple of all game genres. TV host and modest geek.
Georgi Andonov
Georgi Andonov
Professional screenplay writer, journalist and metalist and a not-so-professional gamer.

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