“Daskal.eu” Proclaimed Educational Idea of the Year

The company behind the platform has joined the ranks of Bulgaria's most innovative startup companies.

The online course and lecture platform won "Educational idea of 2015" during the annual b2b Awards. Besides this triumph the company-creator was also runner-up in the “Most innovative startup company” category. Thanks to the jury's decision, Daskal.eu took its place side by side with companies and individuals like Imperia Mobile, Maxim Behar, Credissimo and BILLA Bulgaria.

Amongst the honorary guest of the event in Capital Fort was Anne-Marie Vilamovska - the Secretary of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for Innovational and Health Affairs. Also attending were Deputy-Secretary of Education and Learning Deyan Stamatov, Deputy-Secretary of Labor and Social Politics Denitsa Sacheva, CEO of the Bulgarian investments agency Stamen Yanev, Deputy-Mayor of Sofia Doncho Barbalov and many others.

“At Daskal.eu we strive to show the Bulgarian students, parents, teachers and companies that lectures and courses no longer require physically walking across town or even your neighbourhood. Everything you need is in front of your eyes thanks to the internet and our platform”, said Kalyan Kirilov, founder of Daskal.eu.

About the platform

Daskal.eu combines the advantages of classic teaching with the limitless potential of modern technologies. Using the online platform anyone can enrol for a lecture or private course quickly and easily. The teachers have proved themselves experienced and resourceful and the prices are comparable to those of traditional courses and lectures.

Despite the fact that communication between student and teacher is held over the internet, the personal connection between the two is not lost due to the platform's video chat. Both student and teacher can take advantage of a multifunctional “board” , which includes draft papers, mathematics tables, painting instruments, music papers and many more - all of it accessible once you register on daskal.eu.

The website’s mission is to make individual education available to everyone regardless of where they live or when they are available.