Blog posts, Facebook publications, Tweets, Instagram photos, reddit threads, forum posts, review replies, FAQ, script writing, crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo) campaign content, partner correspondence, descriptions in official websites, document design!

These are just some of the types of content that we've created and are creating as we speak.

Our experience and creativity are available to all our customers in these and many other playing fields in two languages - Bulgarian and English.

Here's a sample of our work so far - see for yourself!


Quark VR PP

Quark VR

Quark VR, a Bulgarian startup, repeatedly reached millions of users around the world after press releases by Press Start.

The media response firmly placed Quark VR and Bulgaria on the technological world map.



Grimm Forest

Grimm Forest is a role-playing game for PC developed by Big Moustache Games, an independent Bulgarian studio. 

The game focuses on social mechanics, hidden roles and survival. It is set in the Brothers Grimm universe and features various elements from Bulgarian folklore.


Grimm Forest PR
Drawly PR


Yoanna 'Drawly' Viktorova is a Bulgarian artist who gained world-wide fame in the beginning of 2017 with her painting "Regret". Her works, millions of views aside, have amassed a following of thousands across social media and have won hundreds of contracts with clients of varying caliber.

Other popular works include "Anxiety" and "Imagination". The artist has specialized in digital art, board and mobile games, as well as comics and book illustrations.


Dash Legends

Dash Legends, a Bulgarian mobile game, received huge media attention thanks to its world class level of performance.

In addition to winning the consumer vote for "Best Mobile Game" of 2015 during the Bulgarian Game Awards, Dash Legends has maintained a rating of 4.7+ in Google Play for most of its life.

Thanks to its dynamic and visually pleasing gameplay, the game is enjoyed by tens of thousands of users around the world.


Dash Legends PR
Duard PR


Duard is a Bulgarian startup specializing in augmented reality (AR) applications. It received local and global recognition after a press release from Press Start about the positive impact of augmented reality on children with disabilities.

The most emblematic Duard product so far is their AR puzzle "Red Riding Hood". The game is currently available in Bulgaria and the UK.



Telenor Arena: National Clash Royale Tournament

"Telenor Arena" is the first Bulgarian “Clash Royale” tournament of this scale. The game has over 125 million downloads worldwide. The event gathered the best „Clash Royale” players in Bulgaria, as well as avid fans of virtual and augmented reality.
Client: Telenor Bulgaria
Partners: Supercell, Samsung, HTC, Alcatel, Coca-Cola, Nescafé, Quark VR, iGreet
Visitors: 2000+

Bulgarian Game Awards

 The first Bulgarian Game Awards' ceremony took place at the Sofia Ring Mall Amphitheatre with lots of games, music and well-known faces. Nearly 10,000 fans voted for the best games in 16 national and 7 international categories.
Client: Sofia Ring Mall
Partners: NEXT TV, Coca-Cola, Mtel, Viber, Netcube, Hosttox, Alienware, Acer
Visitors: 700+


Virtual Reality Nights

For the first time in Bulgaria all leading virtual reality platforms were gathered in one place so that anyone willing to try them out could do so for free.
Client: Quark VR
Partners: CowOrKing Space by Puzl, Samsung, VR Express, VR City, CHAOS GROUP, Zagorka, TaxiMe
Visitors: 1000+


"Pokémon Go", the hit augmented reality game, gathered hundreds of Pokémon trainers at Mega Mall Sofia where rare Pokémon and loaded lures awaited.
A Pokémon-inspired Treasure hunt moved mall visitors to search every nook and cranny. Special badges also provided incentive to scour the premises and granted access to a big lottery.
Client: Mega Mall Sofia
Partners: NEXT TV, Hobby Games
Visitors: 500+


The spooky event consisted of a treasure hunt, a costume contest with prizes, various board games, cosplay and a thematic PS4 area. Oh, and lots and lots of sweets.
Client: Mega Mall Sofia
Partners: NEXT TV, Alienware,
Visitors: 500+


Four of the most popular Bulgarian streamers and YouTubers made hundreds of fans happy with a personal meet & greet. A number of tournaments also took place during the events: CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch and StarCraft 2. Visitors tested out the newest PS4 games in a dedicated area.
Client: Mega Mall Sofia
Partners: NEXT TV,
Visitors: 1000+