We are trusted by...

The creators of the 2D multiiplayer platformer game for Android and iOS which conquered thousands of hearts.

Dash Legends

And also...

The first Bulgarian Game Awards which presented the most talented Bulgarian developers, Youtubers, streamers, creators and many more.

Bulgarian Game Awards

And let's not forget...

The geeky Bulgarian gaming show that conquered both the internet and the local TV screens.


We work with...

The innovative Virtual Reality software development kit.

Quark VR

And we're also in cahoots with...

The developers of interactive Augmented Reality games and apps, who recently released their hit debut - "The Little Red Riding Hood".



With a personal approach we will assist you in maintaining an active online presence in order to nourish your user base and popularize your product.

Social Media

Frequent activity in your various social media channels with diverse and interactive content.

Customer Support

Leave your customers' inquiries to us. Irregardless whether it’s via email, Google Play, App Store or any other platform!

Media coverage

Media coverage of your product across a wide array of popular websites guaranteeing up to 200 000 views per publication.


Consultation and assistance in organizing different events in order to energize your fans and attract new eyes.


Press Start’s powerful foundation consists of motivated individuals with diverse talents and common interests.

A passionate gamer with a decade's experience in the gaming industry.

Victoria Victorova


Marketing student. Loves cars and games with cars.

Stefan Arhangelov

Community Manager

TV host & humble geek; a fan of all genres.

Eleonora Predeva

Community Manager

Professional scriptwriter, journalist and metalhead, and a not-so-professional gamer.

Georgi Andonov

Community Manager



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